Tai Chi in Marlow


Tai Chi is an Ancient Chinese form of co-ordinated body movements often termed meditation in movement.

It involves slow and controlled movements of a non-jarring nature, breathing exercises to stimulate the flow of energy (Chi), and meditation to focus and calm the mind.

Tai Chi is also a formidable form of self-defense. Not many classes include this, but this is offered in addition to the classes in Marlow. I teach tai chi in Marlow at the Marlow Youth Centre in  Wycombe Road. Get in touch to find out more details. I am now also offering Zoom chi kung sessions on a thursday evening, as well as private lessons. So do get in touch to ask any questions.

Tai chi is a perfect exercise system as the whole body is exercised symmetrically.

Doing exercise in a slow manner is a lot more difficult than trying to go slowly because the body’s stabilising muscles are working hard. This develops core strength as well as improving balance and co-ordination.

Tai chi offers relaxation through the focus of the mind as well as the correct deep breathing that is taught. Deep breathing calms the nervous system, improves lung capacity, and increases oxygen intake.

I was taught by Chris Rooke (A British trained Teacher) in Durban South Africa, initially in the early nineties, before being trained by AK Baynes in Johannesburg where I obtained my teacher qualification.

AK, as he was fondly called, was trained by Master Su Chin Miel, who happened to be Master of the School of martial arts that I first started at whilst at University.

I then later trained under various schools in the UK on travelling here including Wu style tai chi with Michael Jaques (Zenon Wudang Tai Chi Chuan School) affiliated to Dan Docherty, and then with Audra Marshall from the Wu Tan Tai Chi UK.

My main thrust of study however, has been in Chen style Tai Chi under Eva and Karel Koskuba from the Chinese Internal Arts Association in Swallowfield near Reading, and their senior student, Karen Pounds.

Their tutelage has been under Grandmaster Chen Xiowang who is the 19th generation lineage holder of Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan. I have attended several seminars with him in the past, as well as with Grandmaster Zhu Changhai and Sifu Liu in London.

For more information, go to www.buckstaichi.co.uk

"A highly experienced instructor, calling on a wealth of martial skills, Ian is an excellent. Using a relaxed and informative style his class allows you to develop your own abilities, at your own pace, to the level you want."

Karen - student

"I have been practising Tai Chi for a number of years and am very glad that Ian is running the class in Marlow. It is well suited to everyone from complete novice to experienced practitioner. I am finding regular practice very helpful and notice significant health benefits. I find it helpful for practising mindfulness and stress management."

Denis - student