Chair massge

Ian studied massage a long time before he studied acupuncture so he is an experienced massage therapist for deep relaxation and healing as well as rehabilitating injuries. He has worked in Spas such as Forrest Mere in Hampshire and Danesfield Hotel in Buckinghamshire. His full body massage routines are a combination of swedish massage, shiatsu pressure points and tuina chinese massage.

Tuina (pronounced twee naa) is an Oriental bodywork therapy that is used either alone or alongside acupuncture. It’s similar to physiotherapy and sports massage but differs in that it also uses the traditional Chinese medical theory. Although massage these days tends to be for sports injuries, because Tuina uses the Chinese medical understanding of the body, Tuina can be used for most ailments. Tuina includes the use of hand techniques to massage the soft tissue (muscles and tendons) of the body, acupressure techniques to directly affect the flow of energy, and gentle manipulation techniques to realign the muscles, tendons and joints. Oil may be used but can be used without oil over the clothing. Ian has studied a postgraduate diploma in Tuina at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and combines Tuina and Acupuncture as they complement each other.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage whereby pressure is applied using thumbs, palm and elbows to the acupressure points in the body. So this works very well alongside acupuncture. Ian studied shiatsu in Osaka Japan in the early 90's.

Company Chair Massage: Massage of the shoulders, arms, neck and scalp are performed on a specifically designed chair. Treatments are generally 10-15 minutes long, but can be extended. The treatment is performed over clothing using tuina and shiatsu pressure point massage techniques.

CompanIes Ian has worked for:

  • Amey in Oxford
  • Apsect In Uxbridge
  • CPS in Marlow
  • MOD in London
  • Panasonic in Braknell
  • TM Group in Swindon

Please contact Ian for more details of booking either a massage or company chair massage.

What my patients say

"Ian has been delivering great services to our corporate clients for more than 10 years. Whether it be massage or tai chi, Ian’s work is fantastic and those who benefit are always left calmer, more energised and above all happy! Ian is punctual, organised, great entertainment and an asset to our team."

Jeff - Director of The Tonic

"I always look forward to my monthly massage with Ian, so much so that I check every week to see when he is next in. Having had lots of massages over the years ranging from top spas to independent therapists I can safely say Ian is the best masseur I have encountered. He has an incredible knowledge of different techniques and tailors his massage exclusively to your body. Not only is he a fantastic masseur, Ian is also a wonderful person, making you feel totally at ease within seconds. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone!"

Sorca - CPS Marlow